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Year 5 Maths Booster Club

From Wednesday 7th June we will be offering the children of Year 5 the opportunity to attend a Maths Booster Club here in school.


This is a great opportunity for the children and we hope to see as many children there as possible.


We asked some of the children in Year 5 what they think of the opportunity:

“It will give us the chance of a really good education.” Kelisha

“It is a really good idea. There hasn’t been a club like this before. It will help us with our SATs.” Mursal

“It’s a very good idea to have this club. It will help you a lot if you are stuck on maths.” Alina

“It will give us a better future, making us cleverer and help us in Year 6.” Zoha

“It will help prepare for Year 6 and give us better job prospects in the future.” Dillon

“It will be a good experience for us to learn things for Year 6.” Nazma

“A good experience for us to learn more.” Cameron

“The club will benefit you in the long run for exams and GCSE’s.” Rahim