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School Meals



School meals are £2.50 a day, £12.50 per week. Monies are to be paid at the school office on a Monday. To make this as easy as possible there is now a postbox outside the school office that you can place money in, please ensure it is a sealed envelope with your child's name, class and the amount in the envelope written on the front.


In line with the local authority policy for any family that owes £25.00 or more we must ask that the child is moved onto sandwiches until the amount owed is paid.


If you have any questions about school meals or dinner money please pop in and speak to either Mrs Naz or Mrs Davies who will be glad to help you.




​If you wish to change your child from school dinners to sandwiches or vice versa can we please ask that you inform the school office, in writing, at least one week before. We have had a lot of children changing without the office being notified which has caused problems for the school kitchen.


The school meals have to be ordered in advance and if we don't provide the cook with the correct numbers she may not have enough. 


​We are now operating a wristband system that enables children to chose their meals in a morning to make sure they get something they will enjoy. Only children that the office have down as having school meals are able to choose a band so it is really important that the information we have is accurate.


Thank you for your support with this.


Please see below for the current dinner menu.