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💖 St. Luke's Ethos Group 💖

We are the Ethos Leaders of St. Luke's! We are led by Mrs Reynolds and Miss Shaw. We really do enjoy being role models for the children in our school focusing on belief, resilience and inclusion. 

Our aim is to share our Christian and British values in our wonderful school. We regularly lead worship and services at our local church St. Peter's. 

We enjoy sharing our visions to improve school with our headteacher Miss Michael.

We help the children in our school to use our values in their everyday lives. We believe that our values have made our school community better citizens and we model how to act as good people to help others. 

We have presented to important visitors to school to showcase the wonderful work we do.  Look out for us on the playground as we start to spread our values in creative ways! 

Meet our Ethos Team 2023-2024