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Ethos Group

💖 St. Luke's Ethos Group 💖

We are the Ethos Leaders of St. Luke's! We are led by Miss Shaw and we really enjoy being role models for the children in our school. 

Our aim is to share our Christian and British values in our WONDERFUL school. We regularly lead worship and services at our local church St. Peter's. We also have the privilege of working with our fantastic Vicar Reverend Harvie as well as Mr Thew. 

We enjoy sharing our visions to improve school with our headteacher Miss Michael & our deputy Mr. Rolt! 

We help the children in our school to use our values in their everyday lives. We believe that our values have made our school community better citizens and we model how to act as good people to help others. 

We have presented to important visitors to school to showcase the wonderful work we do. 

Our vision: Rooted in Love ❤️

We pride ourselves on spreading love around our school. We believe that we can show and express love in lots of different ways. A simple smile can go a very long way 😃  At St. Luke's we are one huge family and visitors to school comment on how welcome they feel. 

During the very busy Christmas period, we decided we wanted to spread the love to those less fortunate. We decided to raise money for Save the Children. We managed to raise a HUGE £300! Some children even made their own jumpers!

We enjoyed making love heart jigsaws with inspirational messages for our peers! We then showed our classes how to make their own.