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Week 2

This week Nursery has welcomed their new friends into our classroom. We can’t wait to see them grow and turn into some amazing colourful butterflies. Nursery is doing an amazing job of checking up on them to make sure they are well and safe. 

Nursery really enjoyed listening to our story this week called ‘The Ugly Duckling’. Nursery were amazing at remembering what happened in the story and how the ugly duckling felt when no one was being kind to her. 

This week, Nursery really enjoyed making their own spells and potions using a wide range of natural resources linking to our current topic about ‘Fairy Tales’. The children were amazing at working together as a team to create some amazing magical potions! 

This week in Nursery, our sound of the week is the ‘a’ sound. Nursery were amazing at recognising what the letter formation looks like for the sound and had a good try and writing our new sound of this week! Well Done Nursery! 

On Thursday, Nursery enjoyed the farm coming into our school today. We enjoyed petting, feeding and learning all about the different farm animals. Our favourite animals were the calf and the rabbits. We had so much fun! Thank you so much for coming into our Nursery! 

Our Caterpillars! 🐛

The Ugly Duckling!

Creating potions and spells!

Our sound this week!

The farm coming into Nursery!