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Week 4

This week we have been celebrating National Storytelling Week. We came dressed as our favourite book or character from a book. Very kindly Mrs Green picked a winner from each class for the best outfit to receive a special book from our EYFS Reading Spine. Well Done to the two winners in nursery. We all looked amazing! The children have been enjoying acting out the stories this week and getting into the character within the story. 


We have also been looking at fire fighters who help us within our community. The children really enjoyed dressing up as fire fighters. This week we have been looking at how god has created the world and how he has created people who help us within our community and the world we live in. 

In PE this week, we have been developing our understanding of the different ways we could move around the hall. The children really enjoyed shuffling on the floor and playing different games. 

On Friday we have been celebrating NSPCC number day in nursery and the children got involved in many maths activities. The children got the chance to make their own number block hat and the children were really good at recognising the different numbers on each hat. This week we have been looking at the number 4 and the children were really good at putting 4 spots on the ladybird and finding 4 objects to put on a five frame. 


Well Done Nursery! 


National Storytelling Week! 📖

Learning about Fire Fighters! 🚒

Our PE Lesson!

NSPCC Number Day!