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Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

We are so happy to see you!
Your teachers this year are Mrs Reynolds (3R)

Here to help us are Mrs Shakeel & Mrs Shafiq



Important Information

Year 3 is a very exciting year in school! I cannot wait to share all our exciting learning together and watch you grow over the course of the year. With hard work and lots of fun we are going to have a fantastic year together of learning! Here is some information to help you.


What do I need to bring to school with me?

Each day please bring to school:

- Your St Luke's planner

-  A water bottle

- The correct uniform

-  A school bag

- Your reading book

- A coat for outside playtime

- PE kit can be worn to school on a Tuesday for our exciting sports lesson!

- White t-shirt

- Black legging/jogging bottoms/black shorts if weather is nice
- Black pumps or trainers



Reading Books

You will receive a phonics and a library book every week. The expectation is that reading books are returned to school every day. This way we can monitor your reading and read with you in school too. You will receive clips on your card for reading at home. When you have completed your clipper card you will receive a prize! Grown ups, please ensure you read with your child and ask them questions about the text. 


Here are some example questions: 

- Where is the story set? 

- When is the story set? 

- How does the main character look/behave/feel? 

- Find a word or phrase which tells us how the character is feeling. 

- Who are the key character in the book?

- Where did _____go?

- What does the word ______ mean?

- Can _______ have more than one meaning? 


Please sign your child's planner each day and include any comments about how your child has read. We are going to collect books on a Thursday to change ready for a Friday.


Click here to see the Top 100 Books!



Homework will be sent in our folders each Friday, and is to be brought back to school by the following Wednesday.

Additional homework will be set each week on Times Tables Rock Stars



Spelling Test

Spellings will be set on a Friday as part of our homework. Spelling tests will take place on a Friday. 




What are we reading in Summer term?

What are we learning?

Want to see what you will be learning in Year 3? Have a look at the curriculum maps below which show the curriculum content and topics for each half term. They include the key topics, vocabulary and knowledge for each subject. You can also find key texts studied.


If you would like to look at the curriculum in more detail, head over to our curriculum page on the website.


Knowledge Organisers

The Knowledge Organisers below are important tools for you to refer to throughout our topics for this half-term. They contain interesting facts and key vocabulary that we will be referring to in our lessons.






Let's become fantastic spellers! Please have a look at the document below, which shows you the spelling expectations for Key Stage Two. These words should be being used correctly in your writing!



What should I do if I have a worry?