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At St Luke's we are developing pride in our work and high standards of presentation. We use the Penpals scheme for teaching handwriting starting in Reception through to Year 6. The Foundation content is in line with the EYFS Framework and the Year 1–6 content supports frequent, discrete and direct teaching of handwriting for 5–11 year olds, as required by National Curriculum 2014. 


The scheme follows a clear progression through five developmental stages:


  • Physical preparation for handwriting
  • Securing correct letter formation
  • Beginning to create joins between letters
  • Securing joins and practicing speed and fluency
  • Developing a personal style.


In Keystage 1 and 2, handwriting lessons are taught twice a week through a whole-class approach using digital resources to enable explicit modelling and interactive learning. Children practise in Penpal Workbooks which supports their independent writing across the curriculum. 


Handwriting is also modelled within phonics lessons and children have further opportunity to practise letter formation within these sessions.