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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section.


Below you will find information about our current Governing Body. As new governors join our governing body their details will be added to this page this will include details of their term, their appointment, their roles within the governing body and the details of any sub-committees that they are on.


The Chair of Governors and Vice Chair of Governors will also be voted in at the first meeting of the academic year.


The Governing Body is constructed in line with our Instrument of Governance which states that we have the following number of each type of governor:


3 Parent Governors

1 LA Governor

1 Staff Governor

1 Headteacher

3 Foundation Governors

4 Co-opted Governors


2 Associate Members


Foundation Governors are appointed as per the Instrument of Government that was approved in 2015.


*Governors can also appoint Associate Governors to support the work of the Governing Body. Associate Governors can be given voting rights in sub-committees as chosen by the governors but they cannot have voting rights in the full governing body meetings.


There are currently no vacancies on our Governing Body.



Governing Body by School    
The Governing Body for351/3353 St. Luke's CE Primary School    
DfES Number3353      
School NameSt. Luke's CE Primary School     
AddressMorley Street Primary    
 BL9 9JQ      
Details of Governing Body       
Governor TypePositionTitleSurnameStart of Term of OfficeEnd of Term of OfficeAppointed ByVoting Rights
LA GovernorChairMrTariqJuly 2015August 2023Local AuthorityFull
Co-opted GovernorVice ChairMrsJones-GreenhalghJuly 2019July 2023Governing BodyFull
Co-opted Governor MrsHoltSeptember 2016September 2024Governing BodyFull
Co-opted Governor MsParveenJanuary 2019September 2023Governing BodyFull
Co-opted Governor MrKemmarSeptember 2016September 2024Governing BodyFull
Foundation Governor. ReverendCookJune 2018June 2022DioceseFull
Foundation Governor. ReverendWatkinsonNovember 2021November 2025DioceseFull
Foundation Governor ReverendNicolNovember 2019November 2023DioceseFull
Headteacher GovernorHead TeacherMrsMichaelJanuary 2015N/AGoverning BodyFull
Parent Governor MrsSalimOctober 2020October 2024Parent ElectedFull
Parent Governor MrsSaeedFebruary 2022Dfebruary 2026Parent ElectedFull
Parent Governor MrsLatifOctober 2020October 2024Parent ElectedFull
Staff Governor MrsDickersonDecember 2019December 2023StaffFull
Associate Member MrsFarooqMarch 2021March 2025Governing Body*
Associate Member CllrHaroonMarch 2021March 2025Governing Body*
Governing Body Count       
Governor TypeRequiredCurrent     
Associate Member02     
Co-opted Governor44     
Foundation Governor.33     
Headteacher Governor11     
LA Governor11     
Parent Governor33     
Staff Governor11     


Governor TypePositionTitleSurnameDeclaration of Interest
LA GovernorChairMrTariq Tamoor Tariq declared that he is a governor at The Derby High School and a Cabinet member for Children’s Services
Co-opted GovernorVice ChairMrsJones-GreenhalghPat Jones-Greenhalgh declared an interest as she is a Trustee at the Fusilier
    Museum, she is a governor at The Derby High School and provides advice to the local
    government association.
Co-opted Governor MrsHoltNone to Declare
Co-opted Governor MsParveenNone to Declare
Co-opted Governor MrKemmarNone to Declare
Foundation Governor. ReverendCookFoundation Member of CCMAT and Governor at Woodbank Primary School
Foundation Governor. ReverendWatkinsonSimon Watkinson declared that he is a governor at St Peter’s
Foundation Governor ReverendNicolRev Harvie Nicol declared an interest as he is a Member of Roch Valley CofE Multi Academy
    Trust (MAT).
Headteacher GovernorHead TeacherMrsMichaelGovernor at Withington Girls’ School and a Trustee at the BAME project.
Parent Governor MrsSalimNone to Declare
Parent Governor MrsSaeedNone to Declare
Parent Governor MrsLatifNone to Declare
Staff Governor MrsDickersonNone to Declare
Associate Member MrsFarooqUmrana Farooq declared that she is a governor at St Thomas, the Founder of the BAME project and Deputy Cabinet member for Communities
Associate Member CllrHaroonCouncilllor for Redvales