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What do we want to achieve?


Rationale: At St Luke's we understand the importance of physical education for our pupils and provide activities to enable our pupils to achieve the aims of the National Curriculum by the end of Year 6. 


Ambition: Our curriculum aims to provide each pupil with the knowledge and skills to lead a healthy and active life and to also provide them with techniques to develop their abilities to participate in various activities.  Throughout the curriculum we are encouraging the pupils to develop their skills, techniques, knowledge and understanding of their bodies within exercise and planned activities.  The pupils develop these attributes through different objectives, such as striking and fielding which helps improve the basics of throwing, catching, batting and bowling. 


Pupils are set individual challenges based on their ability to ensure that the sessions meet every pupils needs.  Pupils demonstrate within each session to show their understanding of the session’s objectives.  Coaches also use review and feedback to show understanding of techniques and knowledge of the completed activity.


What does Physical Education look like at St Luke's?


Physical education is an integral part of the curriculum and provides vital opportunities for the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of our pupils.  The curriculum is divided into six strands:


  • Athletics - running, jumping and throwing
  • Dance - exploration, creation and performance of dance
  • Gymnastics - movement, understanding and appreciation of gymnastics
  • Invasion Games - playing games (basketball, cricket, hockey etc)
  • Outdoor and adventure activities - walking and outdoor challenges
  • Swimming


What does a Physical Education lesson look like at St Luke's?


Each lesson is split into 3 sections a warm up, main teaching and cool down.  During each lesson objectives are set and explained to each class with the aims of all pupils to complete using the coaching points delivered from the sports coaches.  Questions are asked throughout each lesson and section of lesson to ensure understanding of aims and key vocabulary.

Each pupil is assessed termly on the activity they have been completing for that term, the use of assessment helps to identify which pupils struggle and strive in the different activities and is used as progression planning for the next term.


We also aim to provide pupils with opportunities to try new activities which they can transfer into extra-curricular sports.

Have a look on Twitter at the fantastic PE work going on at St Luke's: 



RECOVERY CURRICULUM – COVID 19 (September 2021 latest update)


Throughout school closures Physical Education was taught through live zoom lessons across KS1 and KS2.  As pupils were unable to do sports while at home the focus was health and fitness sessions to encourage our pupils to stay active.  Sessions were adapted for each key stage and designed to be completed in a small space within their homes.  These sessions included circuit training and fitness challenges where the coach would demonstrate an exercise and pupils challenged to see how many they could perform within a specific time.


On returning to school in Autumn all year groups began the year with health and fitness as COVID had affected how active our pupils would normally have been.  This has provided our coaches with a baseline assessment on how lockdown has affected our pupils' fitness and how we can plan to address this.

Dinner Time Timetable of activities

The Daily Toddle


The children in Early Years complete the daily toddle around the playground or in bad weather around the hall in their lunch time.  A child from each class will receive a certificate weekly in celebration assembly.



All the pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2 are encouraged to complete the daily mile during their lunch time.  Certificates are awarded to pupils from each year group weekly.


P.E. Noticeboard


Our PE noticeboard is situated outside the main hall, all achievements are recorded on this board.  This encourages the children to join in with activities to achieve a certificate from Edstart for either their performance in lessons or during lunch times.  We also celebrate achievements achieved out of school from swimming lessons, sports clubs and extra curriculum activities.

After School Club Timetable