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We teach spelling in a range of ways in order to support children’s understanding and ability. As mentioned above, in Key Stage One, spelling is taught using phonic sessions. Across Key Stage Two, children follow the Purple Mash spelling programme. 


In Key Stage Two, children participate in two spelling lessons a week within their writing lessons. Children are taught spelling patterns or rules within the sessions. These sessions begin by introducing and exploring the rule, before investigating and exploring patterns using games and activities. They then have opportunities to practise and apply rules within activities and their written work. Children complete a review of the spelling pattern each week.


Spellings are provided for children to learn on a regular basis. In many cases, the words that children are asked to learn are those found in the National Curriculum for English. A full list of the words that children are expected to learn whilst at primary school, including the year they are expected, can be found below.


Children in Key Stage Two also have opportunity to explore morphology and etymology making links between words, not only to learn spelling patterns, but also to develop their understanding and breadth of new vocabulary. For example, when pupils learn the prefix 'sub', they also learn the meaning under or beneath and can then expand their vocabulary to understanding and spelling words such as submarine, submerge and subordinate.


Although children move away from synthetic phonics teaching in Key Stage Two, phonics very much still underpins our spelling curriculum. Teachers continue to encourage pupils to identify phonemes in words in order to help them spell. Phase 1 phonics continues through to Year 6 looking at alliteration and rhyme.


As mentioned in our Phonics and Early Reading Policy, a number of interventions run throughout Key Stage Two to support children who require further support with phonics.

Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Word Lists

Have a look on Twitter at the fantastic spelling work going on at St Luke's: #Stlukesburywriting

RECOVERY CURRICULUM – COVID 19 (September 2021 latest update)


Although spelling was taught through remote learning sessions during school closures, we recognise that some learning has been lost due to the pandemic.


Through recent diagnostic assessments, teachers have identified gaps and misconceptions in pupils understanding of spelling rules and patterns. In order to address this, we have tailored our spelling programme which will be monitored regularly to inform planning based on progress. 


Each class in Key Stage Two will have two spelling sessions a week. One session will teach or re-teach a spelling rule or pattern from the year group before (identified through diagnostic assessments). The second session will teach the current year group's spelling programme. .


Children identified as requiring further support have been identified for phonics or spelling additional interventions.