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School Council

We have 12 fabulous school council representatives from years 1 to 6 supported by Miss Byrne.


We are your school council with children from each class:

 Y1 – Zyaan and Henry

Y2 – Me –Alfie and Musa

Y3 – Abiha and Khizar

Y4 – Abdullah and Alim

Y5 – Fiza and Safa

Y6 – Elizah and Amama

 What do the school council do?


  • Be ambassadors for school at important events.
  • Identify what your class thinks about issues and gives feedback at meetings.
  •  Improve parts of the school and help organise events.

We meet every week with Miss Byrne discuss school events and changes. We’ll also let you know any news from these meetings.


Anyone can talk to any of us at any time to let us know if you have a worry or concern about something at school or even if you have a great idea you would like to make happen.


The School Council help around school and we are involved in regular events at school.


This is what we are working on at the moment:

  • Creating safe spaces in the playgrounds
  • Ensuring the worry boxes are used effectively
  • Re-launch school council suggestion boxes  


Please watch our video all about the safe spaces we are creating.



In ks1 the safe space will be called ‘Happy Bench’.

In ks2 the safe spaces will be called ‘Safe Zones’.

These will be appearing in the playgrounds very soon!


We are always ready to listen but you can get in touch with us in different ways.

Talk to us when you see us around school.

Write a letter and give it to one of us.

Ask questions when we give feedback to the class.