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Welcome to the nursery class page! We host two sessions, one in the morning 8:50am-11:50am and one in the afternoon 12:15pm-3:15pm, with some children staying for the full day 8:50am-3:15pm.  Mrs Watts is the class teacher and is supported by Ms Copeland, Mrs Shafiq, Mrs Williams and Mrs Akram. 

Important Information Communication about our day, the current learning focus and general messages are sent and received via Class Dojo.  We're on twitter too @stlukesnursery

What are we learning this half term? 

Reading In school we read frequently with the children. We have a wonderful reading area, display books in all areas of the classroom, read daily to the class, sing songs, display useful signage in the classroom environment and put books at the heart of our curriculum.  
We send home 2 books for the children to read with their families alongside their books at home.  Below is a list of 100 suggested books to 'read before you're five'.  Remember, you can borrow books for free from Bury Library! 

What are we reading this half term?

Here are 7 great ways to learn at home!!


  • Sharing books and stories - telling stories and talking about pictures in books helps children to learn and understand new words and also develop a love of reading.
  • Singing songs and rhymes - singing songs and rhymes together teaches children to predict language structures and develops their vocabulary.
  • Playing with letters and sounds - playing games with the shapes and sounds of letters is a fun way of introducing children to language and early reading.
  • Setting up a play date - babies and young children learn through play. Playing together helps children develop the skills they need to communicate well and socialise, especially when they start going to nursery and school.
  • Getting out and about - when you go out for a walk or you’re at the supermarket, help children to spot and recognise the signs and words around them. This encourages talk.
  • Painting and drawing - making marks and scribbles with a lots of different materials allows children to express themselves, helps their muscles develop and supports early writing.
  • Using the library - parents and children can borrow books for free and attend storytelling and rhyme groups.
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