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PTA/Friends of St.Luke's Meeting

PTA/Friends of St. Luke’s


Over recent weeks families and members of the school community have expressed a desire for us to hold a Christmas Fair this year.


As I am sure you are aware organising and holding such an event takes a lot of work and we would only be able to put on a fair with support from the school community.


To look at whether or not we have enough interest and volunteers we are going to hold a short meeting on Thursday 2nd November at 9:00am, the meeting will last no longer than 45 minutes.


At the meeting we will explain what is involved in setting up a Christmas Fair, ask for any ideas that families may have to make it a success and look at what time people have to offer in the run up to the fair and on the day of the fair.  We are looking at holding the fair on either the 8th or the 15th December if we have enough volunteers to help.


The past St. Luke’s Christmas Fairs have been amazingly successful and have helped raise much needed funds for school and we are very hopeful that we can make “Christmas Fair 2023” our best yet.


We look forward to welcoming you to the meeting on 2nd November 2023.