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Donations to School 2018

Please find below details of donations made to school as well as information on amounts raised by the PTA.


Donations to School/PTA Fundraising 2018




£200 Donation from Bid for Charity


So far £157.44 has been used to purchase a set of waterproof clothing for staff and children. The remaining £42.56 will be used to purchase any equipment needed for future groups e.g firepit


£200 Donation from a Parent


£113.59 has been used to buy Worry Plaques for the classrooms. The remaining amount of £86.41 has yet to be allocated.


iPad Donation from a Parent


This iPad will be used to support a child in school with SEND.



PTA Fundraising


£500.78 raised by Non-Uniform Days in July 2018

£115.00 raised by raffle in July 2018.

£1820.30 raised at the Christmas Fair December 2018.


None of the above has been spent yet.


The money from the Christmas Fair is ring-fenced to be used to improve and implement sensory areas both inside and outside school as agreed by the PTA prior to the Fair. A meeting with the PTA week commencing 21st January 2019 will discuss and agree on ideas for the other monies raised.