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Parent Survey Feedback

Thank you to everyone who has returned their questionnaires so far. The response has been fantastic and the feedback has been very well received.


Below is just a few if the wonderful things said about our school.


St. Luke's deals effectively with bullying- strongly agree.
100% certain appropriate action would be carried out." (new parent to school)
What do you particularly value about St. Luke's?
  • Its communication with parents and carers.
  • The teachers are well organised, the children are taught well, learning how to use manners and to respect one other.
  • Teacher co-operation.
  • Children's safety in school.
  • The education in Reception class. My child has picked up so much in a few months.
  • Children enjoy attending and feel well looked after.
  • Teachers seem very attentive.
  • Excellent teaching methods.
  • Celebrating all cultures.
  • I love the way the staff are friendly and interact with parents.
  • Taking good care of all pupils and treating them equally and keeping parents up to date.
  • Good quality teaching of teachers who understand how to get the best from children.
  • The approachability of the staff and the friendly environment.
  • Teachers are very understanding and caring towards children's needs.
  • Teachers' relationships towards the pupils. I feel this is outstanding.
  • The constant improvements that they make.
  • A good balance between Christian values and the multicultural nature of the local community.
  • Brilliant and imaginative learning opportunities.
  • That the children feel valued and appreciated.
  • Staff who work very hard and clearly care about what they do.
  • St. Luke's is a great school, my child enjoys going every day.
  • It's a very good school and my child gets a very good education.
  • The education it provides and keeping parents informed of progress.
  • The hard work the staff do with the children and the friendly attitude.
  • Now everyone is treated equally.