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Governor Feedback from Miss Parveen

1stApril 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


Please find below a lovely message from one of our School Governors, Miss Parveen.


Hope you are all in the best of health right now. Many of you know me as Miss Parveen, as I worked at St Luke's for many years. I now am honoured to be a School Governor.


I would like to salute all the staff at the school including Edstart and Technola for all their tremendous efforts in enabling the children to learn whilst having fun. Please encourage your children in home schooling. It will stimulate their mind and give them a routine each day, which will combat them from feeling bored.


The programme is highly recommended by the Education department and will assist each child to work towards their goals. It will break the long day up during these spring days and make it easier to manage your children. Families will have an opportunity to work closely with their children and become teachers for a while and you can experience the amazing skills your child progresses each day! There is a huge sense of satisfaction when teaching. 


I deeply wish everyone keeps safe during a very stressful time for all of us. 


I hope to see you all in better circumstances. God Bless.


Finest regards 


Manaza Parveen 



Kind Regards


Miss M Michael