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Welcome to RF

Welcome to Reception Fisher! 

We hope you enjoy looking at some of the things we have been up to!

Mrs Fisher is the class teacher


Ms Copeland, Mrs Holt and Miss Cringle also help support in our class.

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Class email


Please send pictures of any work or activities you have done over to our class email.  I will update our class page with your achievements .

Home learning tasks for 13th July

White Rose maths activities

Cave Baby home learning tasks for 6th July

Cave Baby home learning pack 6th July 2020

White Rose maths all about a dinosaur that pooped a planet 🦕🌎

Sharing a shell home learning tasks 29th June

Sharing a shell home learning pack 29th June

White Rose Math’s is all about Oliver

Supertato and Superhero’s tasks for 22nd June

This week’s White Rose Maths tasks are all about Zog and patterns.

Space tasks for 15th June 2020

This weeks White Rose Maths tasks are all about Princess Mirror Belle

Mini beasts tasks for 8th June

This weeks White Rose Maths tasks are all about ‘The Princess and the Wizard’

This week’s extra tasks for 1st June are all about ‘under the sea’. Remember to send your work to our class email I can’t wait to hear from you all.

This weeks White Rose maths tasks are all about the snail and the whale.

Some extra activities for you to try all about pirates. Send you photograhs to our class email so we can share your amazing learning.

Sohail has been practicing his pencil control and reading in a silly place.

Summar has been completing our Pirate themed activities.

Robert is enjoying our Pirate themed activities this week and still enjoying his reading at home.

Some extra activities for you to complete all about dinosaurs.

Raheemah has been completing lots of learning at home but also making time for some fun playing with a balloon. Well done Raheemah

Alissia has been very busy learning at home. She has made a lovely picture for her friends, built and drawn a picture of a dinosaur. She has also made a great road safety poster and completed her work books. Well done Alissia.

Robert has been very busy learning at home. He has been counting and practicing his phonics online. Keep up the good work Robert.

Aiza and Eesa have been working very hard at home learning their tricky words, reading and doing lots of maths. Well done keep up the good work.

Robert has been completing lots of learning at home. He has been practicing his reading and writing. He has also made time to play with his big brother Rares, well done Robert

Extra Activities For Home Learning :)

Some amazing home learning by Raheemah. She has been busy writing, drawing and practicing her phonics. Keep up the good work. ;)

More amazing home learning from Robert. He has been practising his phonics and tricky words. Keep up the good work.

Alfie has been very busy at home. He has learnt how to ride his bike without stabilisers. He has been practising his numbers, learning all about dinsosaurs on BBC bitesize and also cooking pancakes. Well done Alfie.

Alissia has been very busy working at home. She has done lots of super writing and drawing. Keep up the good work.

Home Learning week commencing 4th May 2020


Each week we had a PE lesson with Coach Connor which I'm sure you are all missing. Edstart have made an activity calendar for May to keep us all active. Can you try and complete the activities? Send photographs to our class email. Would love to see your amazing home learning.

Robert has been busy learning at home on Phonicsplay and with numbers. Well Done.

Summar has been busy learning at home. Look at her amazing work. Well done.

Sohail has been very busy at home and completed some amazing work. Well done.

Robert has been very creative at home. Look at his amazing work. Well done.

Alissia has been working very hard at home. Look at the amazing work she has completed. Well done.

Some great work being completed at home. Look at Yousaf's amazing pictures and writing. Well done Yousaf.

Extra ideas to find activities to complete with your child at home. Remember to send in any photographs to our class email.

Caterpillar update!

The caterpillars 🐛 are now in the next stage and have moved into a new home. When will we get 🦋?

Sharing work

So proud that you are completing work at home and continuing to learn.  Please keep sending your pictures of work and activities you are completing and we will share our achievements together. 

Well done to Robert and Sohail who are sharing their learning at home during our school closure.



Home learning

Your child will be completing P.E. on a Friday morning.  Please ensure they have a full kit in school.  Thank you

Our trip to Smithils Open Farm

We had a great day at the farm.  We got to learn all about the farm and the animals.  We fed and held animals in the petting area and watched cows being milked.  We also had a ride on a tractor and a donkey.  It was so much fun 🐥🦉🐴🦆

World Book Day 2020

For World Book Day we came to school dressed as our favourite character from a book.  We had so much fun showing off our costumes and telling our friends all about our favourite books. We had lots of visitors to class who shared their favourite stories with us and we completed lots of fun activities. 


As part of our phonics lessons we have been learning the trigraph ‘air’.  We wrote a sentence using some of our tricky words and our trigraph ‘air’.

Number bonds to 10

To help us learn our number bonds to 10 we have learnt a rhyme 


5 and 5 add up to 10

6 and 4 make it again

7 and 3 they also do

Guess what!  So do 8 and 2

9 and 1, 10 and 0

Learn them all, you’re a number bond hero

Different ways to make 10 using numicon.


This term in our PE lessons we are learning gymnastics. We are looking at different ways to move around the hall using T shape with our arms. We are also learning how to balance using 1,2 and 3 point balance. 

What will break Humpty Dumpty

We completed an experiment to see what would break Humpty Dumpty. We had different materials - feathers, rice, cushion, cotton wool and stones. We predicted which materials would keep Humpty Dumpty safe if he fell onto them. We used language such as “soft and hard.”  We thought that rice and stones are hard and would break Humpty Dumpty but found out that stones were the only thing to break Humpty Dumpty. 

Shrove Tuesday

To celebrate pancake day we learnt how to make a pancake 🥞 and enjoyed tasting pancakes.  We tried different toppings- jam, chocolate spread, lemon and plain.  Once we had tried the different toppings we voted for our favourite, chocolate spread was the favourite topping. 🙂🥞

We made chocolate cakes using cereal and melted chocolate and decorated them with smarties.  We talked about how we need to melt the chocolate so the rice crispies would stick to it.  We then put them in the fridge so the chocolate would go hard again so we can eat them.  Yummy!

Attendance prize!

WOW we had an amazing Autumn term in Reception and managed to win the attendance prize.  Thank you to all the children in Reception Fisher.

The children had so much fun on the bouncy castles.


Zareesh - "It was super duper fun!"

Alfie "I liked climbing up the steps."

Ismail "I liked to slide down the pirate ship."

Yousaf "It was so fun!  I liked jumping higher and higher."

Aiza "It was super fun with my brother.  The minion bouncy castle was exciting."

Summar "I like jumping on the minion one and climbing on the pirate ship."

Hamza " I liked to bounce on the pirate bouncy castle."

Hafsa "I like going up and sliding down."

Alissia "My friend Adiy showed me how to climb up so I liked it."

Kashmala "They were so much fun!"

Elena "I loved the minion and pirate ship."


Thank you Ms Michael

Celebrating Chinese New Year

We have been tasting some Chinese food, making paper lanterns and dancing around with dragons to celebrate the Year of the Rat for Chinese New Year.

Our Christmas Nativity.

Our first day in Reception Fisher

Reading books

Your child will receive a decodable and a library book every Friday.  Please read with your child every night and record in their reading record.

Here are some questions you can ask your child about their book.


Homework will be sent out every Friday to be handed in on Tuesday.  Thank you

Children need to be fluent in reading 'high frequency words' please practise reading and spelling these words with your child weekly.

Songs to sing


We enjoy singing the alphabet and vowel song to help us learn, please practise these at home.



a e i o u

a e i o u

a e i o u

are short vowels that we use

a vowel is in every word

a vowel is in every word

that we read and write

Websites you can use at home!

Videos we use in class!

Jolly Phonics Phase Three

Phase Three - digraphs and trigraphs

Jolly Phonic Phase 2

Phase Two - sounds

Days of the Week

Our Days of the Week song