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Please check this page daily for new activities for you to complete at home! Do not feel that you have to complete all the activities set. I am going to post a range of daily and weekly activities to give everyone a choice of what home learning they wish to complete. You can complete as much as you want. Just try your best!


I have also added lots of online work, on Mathletics and Reading Eggs. I will be checking these to see who is the top 5 users and giving them a shout out on the class page and on twitter!

Please check this page frequently for new activities for you to complete at home! 


Twitter: @Bury5M


Home Learning Photos 

It would be great to see what amazing work you have completed at home. Please email pictures and updates to our new class email address below!

Class email:

Here is the link for Accelerated Reading. You can quiz your reading book at home.

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Top 5 users of Reading Eggs of 5M:








Well done yes I am so proud of you! keep working hard. Could you be in the top 5 users on Monday 20th April?

Challenge yourselves!


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Congratulations! Aim to be in the top 5 users on Monday 20th April? 

Keep challenging yourselves! 


Useful Links:


You can access activities for Music and Computing for your child at 

New Computing and Music activities will be published every weekday at 08:00 AM.

 Access is free of charge.

Have a read through our new Wellbeing Through Sport document. New activities and resources will be published every Monday! Plenty of hints and tips to keep our minds and body active at home.




We are in the process of assigning you work on Rising Star. Please can your child register on this link below:

School Linking Project

Dear 5M,

I am going to post below the poems you created in your groups when we went to the Polish Centre in January.

Can you please have a read of the poems below and identify your group poem and then select 1 line and draw an illustration of that 1 line in the poem. Once you have done that can you please email it back to me on the class email ( and then I will forward it to the School Linking Project Team.


Many thanks.

Daily Activity 03/04/2020

Reading Eggs:

Comprehension 152

Spelling 151

The Way of the Dragon Chapter 3



Creative Writing:

Please create an acrostic poem using the word Easter.

Remember each letter goes on a new line:













Mathletics: Multiply and Divide Mental- Are you ready and Estimate Products activities.

White Rose Home Learning: Week 2 Lesson 2- Order and compare decimals

Reasoning: White Rose- Factors 

Below is your holiday homework. I have included some fun activities in there for you. Please do not feel you have to do it all. Do as much as you want. Do not forget to send me pictures of your homework. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday and stay safe. 



Easter Holiday Homework

Daily Activities - 02/04/2020

Reading Eggs

Comprehension - 151

Spelling -150

Book - The Way of the Dragon - chapter 2




Using your story mountain, write your story based on the picture prompt from yesterday. Remember to include a range of fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and figurative language.




Mathletics - Compatible numbers and unit test for multiple and division fact.

White Rose Home Learning - Week 2 Lesson 1, Rounding Decimals




Daily Activities 


Reading Eggs:

Comprehension 150

Spelling 149
Reading The Way of the Dragon Chapter 1
Mathletics- Multiples and Factors
White Rose Home Learning- Week 1 Lesson 5 Thousandths as decimals
Reasoning: White Rose Subtraction

Use this picture as a prompt to create a story. 


Today's task is just to plan your story using a story mountain. 
Remember it needs to build up to a problem at the top of the mountain.


Think of some interesting fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases, similes and metaphors for the vocabulary section.



Grammar Task:

Mathletics- Multiples and Factors
White Rose Home Learning- Week 1 Lesson 5 Thousandths as decimals
Reasoning: White Rose Subtraction

Daily Activities - 31/03/2020


Reading Eggs:

Comp 148

Spelling 148

Splitzaroni: chapter 7



Rising Stars:

Black Beauty Fiction Quiz 

You need to sign up to Rising Stars using this link.

I can then set you work on it. 



Write a news report on the event






Mathletics activities on division facts and fact families

White rose lesson 4 understand thousandths


Daily Activities 30.3.2020


Comprehension 161

Spelling 147

Splitzaroni Chapter 6



Mathletics: Activities on addition and subtraction written.

Activities on multiplication and division facts.

White Rose Home Learning Lesson 3 Decimals as fractions.



Creative Writing- Watch the La Luna Trailer.

Describe the moon and sea using similes and metaphors.

Write instructions on how to catch a star.

Write a narrative about someone who collects stars.

30.3.2020 Weekly Activities:



Write a poem based on the title

‘When all this is over’

When this is all over, may we never again take for granted...

(Write a list)


When this ends, may we find...

(Write a list)



Please read every day! Write a book review and send them to me once you have finished.

Start a new book on audible stories:



In Geography we have been looking at energy and conservation.

Using your amazing maths skills, can you think about changes you and your family could make at home and then calculate the energy you would save?


The worksheet for this is attached further down the page.


Could you design an energy efficient house or school, incorporating materials and technologies to help reduce energy usage and avoid creating unnecessary waste?

Think about the properties you have learnt in science. What would keep your house warm?



Scientists use chemical reactions to create useful new materials.


Can you create a fact file about a scientist and the new material they made?


You should research the scientist and their life, such as when and where they lived, and what they did. You should also find out about the new material, its properties and how it is useful.


Your fact file could be written on a piece of paper, made into a book or created using a computer. Include pictures and diagrams to add interest!

Examples of scientists and the new materials they made include:

Spencer Silver, who invented the glue for sticky notes Harry Brearly, who invented stainless steel.














Tune  into Joe Wickes on:



Can you tell me what you think Rock music is?


Listen to this song:


What are the ‘style indicators’ of Rock music? How do you know this is Rock music?



Look at the painting attached below.


Who do you think was victorious in this picture and why?

Email me your answer via the class email.



Can you make a robot using materials found in your home? Watch this video from The Tate Gallery to help you



Tune into Cosmic kids and have a go at some relaxing yoga.




R.E. Picture



Picture 1

Daily Activities 27.3.2020


Comprehension 160

Splitzaroni chapter 4 and 5

Spelling lesson 162



Grammar and punctuation practice test attached further down the page.

Writing: Use the below picture as a prompt to write a story. It could be an adventure story, fantasy or maybe even a horror story?


Picture Prompt 





Mathletics Addition and subtraction Written Unit.

White Rose home learning Lesson 2 Decimals as Fractions 

White Rose Reasoning Rounding- 






Hello 5M, Hope you all are well and keeping safe. .  


Today daily activities are:

Reading Eggs -

Read Chapter 1 - 3 ‘Splitzaroni’

Comprehension - 149 




Add and Subtract Written Unit has now been added. Two activities a day is plenty.

White Rose: Lesson 1 Decimals up to 2 decimal places. Watch the video and then work through the activity.





Mathletics Update: There are two units available (21 activities) Place Value and Add and Subtract Mentally.


I will upload the next unit Add and Subtract Written tomorrow. Just try a couple of activities each day along with the White Rose maths that is being set daily. 


Remember there is literacy, reading and foundation subjects work to have a go at as well.


Thank you! You are all doing amazingly well!




Literacy - Grammar





  • Descriptive writing in the opening 30 secs, describe the early morning using senses, imagery, personification. e.g. As birds sang the trees woke up and stretched their branches, huge yawns echoed across the landscape. 
  • Use images of woodland and gnarled trees to describe woodland settings.
  • Write a diary extract for the trees, perhaps watching the humans on the bench, describing their frustrations at not being able to touch each other


Good Morning 5M,

This is your daily activities for today. There is also the weekly activities set for you further down this page. 

Reading Eggs: Comprehension lesson 146

                          Spelling lesson 145

                          Library book: 'Splitzaroni' - Chapter 1

Literacy: Watch the video 'Adrift' on Literacy Shed. The film can be paused at various points to discuss what is going on. Have a go at writing a rich description of the setting. Use figurative language such as metaphors, similes and alliteration.


Also have a go at practising this week spellings. Parents/carers can mark it!

Maths - Place Value 'Numbers to 10,000'

Dear Parents and Carers,


Please sign up to this free learning tool that will help with your Child's learning. It has some amazing resources on it and covers  a range of subjects from Maths, Science, Reading and Grammar. Please take a look and sign up.

Please check this page everyday for new activities for you to complete at home! 


I have also added lots of online work, on Mathletics and Reading Eggs. I will be checking these every other day to see who is the top 5 users and giving them a shout out on the class page and on twitter!

Please email pictures of any homework to the class email:

I know you are all working very hard and I cannot wait to see all the hard work you have been doing at home.

Activities for this week!


Reading:Comprehension and Spelling Lesson on Reading Eggs.

New work will go live on Friday. 



Read every day and at the end of the book write a book review that can be added to the school library. I can even tweet your book recommendations for everyone to see!





Mathletics- Number and place value unit.

White rose hub 
Again in your packs there are maths sheets and books to work through.



Times table practice and number bonds is also a great home learning lesson! Try this website:



Literacy: Write your biography for Queen Elizabeth II. I would love to read them! You could even have a go at writing a biography about anyone that you know lots of information about. I will add a features list at the bottom to help!


Useful link:





Daily Activities 25.3.2020

Reading Eggs:

Comprehension Lesson 147

Spelling Lesson 146

Library Book: Splitzaroni Chapter 2

I have left chapter 1 available for those that have not read it yet.



Grammar Task. Go through the pdf document (further down page) and revise modal verbs. Identify the modal verbs in the paragraph and write sentences about the pictures using modal verbs.


If you fancy being creative you could write a shape poem. A shape poem has the same shape as its subject. So you could write a poem about a snake that slithers across the page.



Mathletics- Continue to complete Place Value Unit

White Rose- Rounding to 10, 100 and 1000




Modal verbs Powerpoint

Welcome to 5M!

Your Teacher is Miss Timperley

Mrs Robinson is also here to help you.


Come and have a look at our class page to find out about important notices and links to useful websites and videos to further support your child’s learning at home.



Important Information


Reading Books

Reading books will be changed after your child has read their book and completed their reading quiz. Please ensure your child reads at least three times a week and please sign their reading record book each time they have read.



Homework is set on a Friday and consists of Reading Eggs Assignments and Matheletics Assignments.  It is very important to support your child's learning at home.


Spelling Test

Spellings are given out on a Thursday and your child will have a spelling test on Monday. They will also copy these down in class and have the opportunity to practice them each morning in class through various activities. Children are also expected to practice these spellings and rules at home to further embed this knowledge.



PE will be every Wednesday afternoon this half-term and children will be taking part in Hockey. Please ensure children have the correct PE Kit (white top, black shorts and black PE pumps). PE kits should stay in school and will be sent home at the end of each half-term to be washed.



Useful websites

Here are the links to some of the exciting websites that children use in school to support their reading, comprehension skills and numeracy. Children will have their own passwords and we will be able to monitor their understanding to support them further.



In Science this half term we are continuing to look at Properties and Changes of Materials.


We have been identifying materials that are thermal insulators.  We then planned and carried out an investigation into which materials made the best thermal insulator.