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Welcome to 3R!

Your Teacher is Mrs Rehan

Mrs Errington is also here to help you.

You can email me

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I have compiled a checklist for the children so that are zoom lessons can run smoothly as possible. I would appreciate if you can take a look at this.

Thank you 😊

Check list

1. Ensure that your device is fully charged.
2. Please have a charger nearby for your device.
3. Have a spare pen and paper in case the other
one stops working.

4.If you have headphones please use them during
the zoom lessons (this prevents background

5.Children try and go to the toilet during break
times (I am giving you a toilet break at regular

Home Learning Project.

3R - Home Learning Timetable Week 2

Home Learning Timetable



Come and have a look at our class page to find out about important notices and links to useful websites and videos to further support your child’s learning at home.


Happy New Year and good morning everyone!!

I know that all parents have been well informed via parent hub about the online learning that will be taking place this half term.

I have set activities on Reading Eggs, Mathletics and Times Tables Rockstars for your child to complete today and tomorrow. All children will need to access these sites over the next two days. Remote learning will start today at 9:30 a.m.

From Monday, teachers will be delivering live lessons everyday via Zoom from 9am. All children are to join the lessons so all children will need access to a device that can connect to Zoom and somewhere they can sit quietly to take part in the virtual lessons.

The children in school will be carrying out the same work as the children at home.

If anyone has any further questions please let me know and I will do my best to help you! This is a strange time that we are in and I am here for everyone :) Thank you again for all of your support and I am looking forward to seeing everyone's face on Monday!!


If your child is self-isolating:

If your child is self-isolating and is poorly, please do not worry about completing work before your child is better.


If your child is self-isolating, awaiting a test and is well, please complete online work which is set. 

You can find on: & 


Weekly numeracy work along with additional activities can be found on your child's class dojo portfolio.


If you have any further questions, or need further support, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Thank you! #staysafe

Home Learning WC: 09.11.20

If you are self isolating, take a look at the home learning activities you have been set this week!

Remember, it is expected that you complete work on Reading Eggs and Mathletics every day!


Reading Eggs: 

Comprehension lessons 91-95

Spelling lessons 3.31-3.33

Book: Cluey Crew-Mystery Man


Mathletics: Add and Subtract written (review)

Are you ready?

Columns that Add

Columns that Subtract

Column Addition


Multiplication/Division facts for 2

Multiplication/Division facts for 10

Multiplication/Division facts for 5

Home Learning wc:02.10.20

Please find below the online assignments you have set on Reading Eggs and Mathletics!

Remember, if your child is self-isolating, it is expected that they complete work on Reading Eggs AND Mathletics EVERY DAY


Reading Eggs: 

Comprehension lessons 86-90

Spelling lessons 3.26-3.3

Book: Ghost of Sea Cottage


Mathletics: Add and subtract mental:

Add 3 Numbers: Bonds to Multiples of 10

Add 3 Numbers: Bonds to 100

Find the Missing Number 1



Skip counting by 10 to 1000

Skip counting by 2 to 1000

Skip counting by 5 to 1000

Skip counting by 3 to 30

Skip counting by 4 to 40

Home Learning wc:19.10.20

Please find below the online assignments you have set on Reading Eggs and Mathletics!

Remember, if your child is self-isolating, it is expected that they complete work on Reading Eggs AND Mathletics EVERY DAY


Reading Eggs: 

Comprehension lessons 81-85

Spelling lessons 3.21-3.25

Book: Dark Start the Start


Mathletics: Add & Subtract mental

Missing Numbers

Estimate Sums

Estimate Differences

Pyramid Puzzles 1

Commutative Property of Addition


Split or partitioning strategy

Rounding & compensating with 2 digits

Non-standard partitioning

Estimating additions and subtractions

Choosing efficient strategies: add/subtract

Relationship between addition and subtraction

Home learning wc: 12.10.20

Your online learning has been set for this week! Keep working through your home learning activities and see how many dojo points you can earn!


Reading Eggs: 

Comprehension lessons 76-80

Spelling lessons 3.16-3.20

Book: Sword and the bone


Mathletics: Add & Subtract mental

Are you ready?

Magic Mental Addition

Magic Mental Subtraction

Complements to 10, 20, 50

Complements to 50 and 100

Are you ready?

Magic Mental Addition

Magic Mental Subtraction

Complements to 10, 20, 50

Complements to 50 and 100

Home learning wc: 05.10.20

Your online learning has been set for this week! Don't forget to check what tasks you have been set on Class Dojo too!


Reading Eggs: Comprehension lessons 71-75

             Spelling lessons 3.11-3.15

              Book: Terrible alien lunch


Mathletics: Number and place value-

Model Numbers

Place Value to Thousands

Partition and Rename 1

Place Value Partitioning

Odd and Even Numbers 1


Identifying and counting numbers up to 4 digits 

Reading and writing numbers up to 4 digits

Place value up to 4 digits

Rounding numbers up to 4 digits

Identifying, describing & creating number patterns

Home Learning wc: 28.09.20

Take a look at your online learning activities for this week!


Reading Eggs: Comprehension lessons 66-70

                       Spelling lessons 3.6-3.10


Mathletics: Number and place value-

Ascending order

Descending order

Which is bigger?

Which is smaller?

Repetition two digit numbers





Important Information


Reading Books

At the moment children will be assigned reading books through Reading Eggs. Once they have completed reading the book they will be able to quiz. Please encourage your child to access Reading Eggs daily at home. I will allocate them at least 2 reading books a week.



Homework will consist of Reading Eggs Assignments and Matheletics Assignments.  It is very important to support your child's learning at home. I will be setting this on a Friday and the due date for this will be a week later. I will be keeping a close eye on who is accessing this.


Spelling Test

Spellings will also be allocated on a Friday and at the moment that will be through Reading Eggs too. 



PE at the moment is on a Monday and Thursday and at the moment we are asking children to bring pumps and trainers that they can get change into for their P.E. lessons.



Useful websites

Here are the links to some of the exciting websites that children use in school to support their reading, comprehension skills and numeracy. Children will have their own passwords and we will be able to monitor their understanding to support them further.


Reading Eggs




Other information

I have also sent parents/carers an invite to join our ClassDojo communication portal so if you have not accepted your invitation yet then please do so as that will enable me to communicate with you effectively.






Curriculum Overview for Year 3

Whilst you are off school, use these links to ensure you keep up to date with your learning!


There is also lots of great work being set by your teacher. Find this on your class page.


Parents please note; some of these websites require you to set up an account. Due to the current situation, all these sites are free at the moment, if there are any changes to these websites please keep checking


Thank you.

Click on the link above and listen to this story 'Why we can't Hug'



Your task is to design a poster for year 1 children informing them of other ways to greet each other whilst being careful not to touch each other and staying apart at least 1 meter distance. 

Once you have completed this task please take a picture and email it to me on our class email or you can send it to me on our Class Dojo.