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Hello and welcome to our class page.

 laugh Your teacher is Miss Lawrence laugh

heart Also here to help is Mrs Shakeel, Miss McGrath and Miss Cringle heart


We hope you enjoy taking a look at our brilliant page of learning!




Reading Books

Your child will receive a phonics and a library book every Thursday. These books are due in the following Monday. Please ensure you read with your child and ask them questions about the text. 


Here are some example questions: 

- Where is the story set? 

- When is the story set? 

- How does the main character look/behave/feel? 

- Find a word or phrase which tells us how the character is feeling. 

- Who are the key character in the book?

- Where did _____go?

- What does the word ______ mean?

- Can _______ have more than one meaning? 


Please sign your child's reading record each week and include any comments about how your child has read. 




Homework will be set each week on the following platforms:


Mathletics: Homework will be set on a Friday and is due in the following Thursday. It is expected that at least 35 minutes is spent on Mathletics each week. 


TTRS: Each week, a different times table will be set. Homework will be set on a Friday. 

There will be a special prize for the top five users of these sites each week! 


Homework Project!

Below are a number of projects the children can complete at home as part of our Stone Age topic! Please choose AT LEAST 2 of the projects and bring them to school no later than Friday 22nd October. Thank you!

Spelling Test

Spellings will be allocated on a Monday via Purple Mash. Spelling tests will take place on a Friday. 



PE takes place on Thursday. Children are allowed to attend school wearing their PE kit. Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct uniform which consists of: 


- White t-shirt

- Black legging/jogging bottoms/black shorts if weather is nice
- Black pumps or trainers






Autumn 1 in 3L

We're going to enjoying writing fiction and non-fiction pieces based around the Stone Age. We will be writing a fact file, a dairy entry, and a narrative. This will help children focus on understanding different features of texts and how formalities change. 


This year we have a huge focus on Reading and this will be heard daily throughout the class as children will be able to hear different texts with their Class Reads.



Children will start the year by focusing on their place value with a particular focus on identifying numbers up to 4 digits. Our scheme of work is called Power Maths. Children will be learning how to make numbers using base 10 and place value counters to enhance their place value knowledge. From this we will expand into teaching children about their knowledge and skills of the four mathematical operations with an extension of word problems. 

This term, the children will be learning all about Rocks! They will learn about different types of rocks and compare them based on their appearance and physical properties. Children will also learn about how fossils are formed and how soil is made. They will have the opportunity to understand soil further by investigating the permeability of soils. 


In R.E lessons this term, we will be further exploring the meaning and purpose of Harvest Festival celebrations building on knowledge from KS1. We will also be studying the unit Called By God which give children an opportunity to consider what it means to be called by God and the responses people have made to that call.

This term the children are going to be finding out about early Britain, and we’ll be starting by learning about life, culture, technology, and developments in the Stone Age, moving on to the Iron Age. We will compare the similarities and differences between lives of both ages (art, farming, tribal kingdoms and culture). 


In art classes will be looking at typography. We will be exploring the creation of the letters of a tyepface in an intuitive and fun way. We will explore artists such as Theresa Easton and Abigail Winter.