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We hope you are keeping safe whilst school is closed. 

Please keep us updated with what you are doing using our class email address: I will be checking every day and can't wait to see what you have been doing! smiley

Follow us on twitter for more updates: @FStlukesbury2


We wrote lovely prayers at the difficult time. #staysafe #stayhome

Week Beginning Monday 13th July

Additional Activities

Week Beginning Monday 6th July

Additional Activities

What the LadyBird Heard at the Seaside.

Read aloud of What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks.

Week Beginning Monday 29th June

Additional Activities

Week Beginning Monday 22nd June


White Rose Maths worksheets for this week... please don't feel you need to print them off, use them to help you do your superstar Maths!

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week - have a look at these Worship ideas to help you look for kindness and hope in each day

Wellbeing through Sport - have a look at the activities to keep your mind and body active whilst you are learning at home! Miss Foster will be trying some of these!

Terrific Tuesday! 2F working hard with their Home Learning!

Home Learning SUPERSTARS - Check out all the wonderful work that has been taking place at home!

Home Learning Superstars!



Don't forget to check out your assigned tasks on Reading Eggs and Mathletics. If you are having any problems accessing or with your passwords, please email and someone will kindly be able to help you out!

Well done to all those children who have been logging on and completing the challenges... you are 



Daily 10: Have a go at ten quick maths questions this morning... 

Today, TIMES TABLES! We love our times tables don't we and let's show off to the people in our house. Have a challenge with a brother, sister, Mum or Dad and see who can answer the questions the fastest.




Joe Wicks is doing daily PE lessons online and they look like great fun! They are taking place at 9am every day - and what a fab way to start your day!

Search him on YouTube for more information. Miss Foster is going to try and join in too!



What a great opportunity to get creative in the kitchen at home and help out with some cooking! Check out these brilliant ideas with Jamie Oliver

Let me know what you cook up! 



Strictly Star Oti Mabuse is streaming a live dance lesson on her YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages at 11.30am each day! They are recorded and available to watch at any time of the day. Let's get daaaaaancing! 






Author David Walliams (author of Fing and Gangsta Granny) is doing a daily story time at 11am. Have a listen here: 

Send us a review of what you thought about the story on twitter or email!

Weekly Tasks - Monday 4th May

Home Learning Challenges - Week Beginning April 27th

Home Learning Challenges - Week beginning Monday 20th April

Wednesday 29th April

Writing Challenge

Through the Keyhole…



Imagine waking up one morning, going into your garden and finding this small door in the side of a tree. What would you think? How would you react? Who do you think lives behind the door? What are they doing there? How do they survive? Are they friendly and nice? Or are they cruel and mean? What do they look like?

For your writing challenge today, think about these questions and write a few FANTASTIC sentences about them. You could even draw a small picture of what the person who lives here looks like!

Success Criteria

  • Capital letters & full stops
  • Use your phonics for spellings
  • Can you use exciting adjectives?
  • Could you use an expanded noun phrase?
  • Have you described them in detail?
  • Read back your work to check it makes sense.
  • Remember to use your best, beautiful handwriting!

Writing Challenge - Monday 20th April

Have you heard about the amazing Captain Tom Moore? He walked 100 lengths of his garden to raise money for the NHS, at the wonderful age of 99! He has raised £16million!! Wow! 

Your writing challenge for today is to watch this video about him:


Then you can choose to either, write him a letter thanking him for what he has done and telling him how fantastic we think he is. 

Or write a factfile all about him that could teach someone else of the incredible thing he has done.


After that, he is going to celebrating his 100th birthday soon! Could you design him a wonderful, colourful birthday card to help him celebrate? Tweet or email me a picture of your completed card and writing. You could ask an adult nicely if they would help you to post it to this address:

Easter Homework

Friday 3rd April Home Learning Challenges



Fun Friday: 


Well done on all your super efforts with our writing challenges. It’s Friday and it is the last day before Easter so let’s have some fun… what is this dogsaying on the phone?! Who is he ringing? Why is he dressed so smart? He looks kind of important, doesn’t he? Write a few sentences about what him and what he is doing. CHALLENGE: Can you include punctuated speech between him and the person on the other end of the phone?

Success Criteria:

  • CL & FS on your sentences
  • Use your phonics for spelling
  • Read your work to check it makes sense
  • Have you used adjectives?
  • Have you used inverted commas for speech?
  • Be creative and have fun!


Thursday: Mr Whoops has made a bit of a mess of his writing! Could you help to correct his mistakes and show him how he can improve his writing? Send your completed work to or tweet @FStlukesbury2


Wednesday: Miss Foster has been feeding the butterflies now they are nearly all our of their cacoons. She researched online and found out that they need nectar and fruit to feed from. I have made some nectar by mixing together 50ml of water and two teaspoons of sugar. I put this on some flower heads and popped it, carefully into the net. I then cut some sweet, juicy strawberries and scored some small lines in them (can you see?) that means the butterflies can get the sweet juice from the inside. Then I carefully added these to the net too. I had to be extra careful I didn't drop them too near to any butterflies because I didn't want to hurt their delicate, beautiful wings!

For your writing challenge today... can you write a set of instructions somebody could follow to look after our butterflies? 

Don't forget your success criteria, you can see below. I can't wait to see your work. Email it to smiley






Tuesday: We received a postcard from our Guide Dog Puppy Ruby yesterday! I can't believe she has grown so much. Look at her in that dishwasher! Sounds like another puppy I know... 

She has told us about how much she is learning with her training family and all the things she enjoys. It sounds like she is having a wonderful time. For your writing challenge today, can you write back to her? Can you introduce yourself to her and tell her all about what you have been doing? She would WOOF to read them! Don't forget your success criteria you can see below, and to email your completed work to




Monday: We have our first butterfly!! Look at them - so beautiful and seem to be adjusting to their new home and new self! Can you write some sentences about their transformation? What a transformation they have made! What adjectives could we use to describe them? Maybe you could write some expanded noun phrases about them? What do you think they make of their new look? Are they excited to be set free outside?

Remember all the elements of a super sentence! Send your work to or tweet us @FStlukesbury2



Thursday: If you visit you can watch a live stream of some of the animals in the zoo! How amazing! Have a watch of the animals today and see what they are up to in the sunshine. Can you write some sentences about what they are doing? What can you see? Which animal is your favourite and why? Three guesses which animal Miss Foster has been watching... 

Send your work to or tweet us @FStlukesbury2




Ollie went out for a lovely walk yesterday and met a new friend! Can you write some speech you think they might have said to each other?! What adjectives can you think of to describe what you can see in the picture... Send your ideas to or tweet us @FStlukesbury2 




What is happening in this picture?!

Can you write a short piece of writing about this picture. It could be a letter to someone or something in it; a list of all the adjectives you could use to describe what's happening or a description of a walk through the zoo.

What is happening? What are the people saying? What would you be able to see, hear, smell and taste? Why does that crocodile have a suitcase? What is inside it?! Where is he going?! 









Bye bye friends! Over the Easter holidays, Miss Foster and Ollie set free our four beautiful butterflies. The weather was warm and sunny and the first two flew straight out of the net to go and enjoy their freedom. The third one seemed to struggle to find it's wings and needed a little bit of encouragement with a sweet, juicy strawberry to have the confidence to fly off. The last one, well it must have been right at home in that net! They did not want to fly away at all! Ollie and Miss Foster tried leaves, strawberries and sugar water to try and tempt it! Eventually it made its way onto the garden table and stretched out for a little while. Ollie got chance to say a very gentle and lovely goodbye before it flew off into the sunshine. I think maybe it was waiting to say goodbye to the rest of 2F before it went! They have been beautiful and I can't wait to tell you all about them when we are all back together at school.




Wednesday 1st April... We have 4 butterflies; Twix, Minnie, Pixie and.... well we need another name 2F! Please let us know your ideas. They have been fed juicy strawberries and sweet flowers today with sugar water which is like nectar for them. They look happy and have been trying to have a little fly around the net this afternoon. They have such beautiful, delicate wings. 


Tuesday 31st March... Miss Foster has woken up to 3 butterflies this morning! Look how beautiful they are! How amazing. We need some name ideas! Tweet or email us to let us know what your thoughts are. Can you write some sentences about them? How do you think they are adjusting to life as a butterfly and their new home? Let me know any top tips you can give me for looking after our little friends.

@FStlukesbury2 or email





Monday 30th March... we have our first butterfly! Look how beautiful it is! Can you do some research for Miss Foster as to how she needs to care for her new little friend?

Also... we need name ideas! Tweet or email me to let me know what you think they should be called! @FStlukesbury2 or email at 



Our little caterpillars have been transferred into their new home ready to make the final transformation into beautiful butterflies! (With their big brother Ollie barking as I did it! Think he thought I was hurting them!) How many days do you think it will be before they emerge into beautiful butterflies? Tweet us your sentences or predictions to @FStlukesbury2 or email at 


Our class caterpillars safely made it home to Miss Foster's house and are safely in their chrysalis at the moment, making their amazing transformations. I will keep you all updated with how they are getting on! They are being carefully looked after by their new brother Ollie!



Your home learning packs will hopefully be arriving you soon if you were unable to collect them last week. Inside they will contain: 

  • Two reading comprehension books for you to complete. Try to complete one page a day, just like we would at school. They get trickier as you move through the book so please persevere and remember what reading superstars we are in 2F!
  • A maths book to work through - don't worry about topics we have not yet covered this year... we will catch up because we are MATHS MAGICIANS.
  • A Grammar book that will recap and teach you all our Phase 6 phonics spelling rules. Nessy videos on YouTube will support you with some of these. They may be worth having a search for! 
  • White Rose Maths packs on the topics we have covered this year. Your time to impress someone at home with how amazing we are in Y2 with our Maths!
  • Times Table challenges - remember to set yourself a 5 minute timer. Why not challenge somebody else in your house and see who can complete the most in 5 minutes?!
  • A reading bookmark to remind you of all the questions you can ask yourself as you read, or ask an adult or sibling to test you on what you have read. 
  • Log on details for Reading Eggs and Mathletics where I have set you lots of exciting challenges!


Until your pack arrives... have a look on TopMarks for lots of the exciting Maths games we play at school. The website is completely free and easy to use. You will recognise the games we play in our classroom.