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R.E. and Collective Worship

As a church school, we are inspected by the diocese every five years. Our last inspection was on Thursday 29th November 2018 and we were graded as GOOD.

Read the full SIAMS report by clicking on the link below:

Worship is at the very heart of daily life at St Luke's and we are rooted in Christian values...

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14

In Collective Worship, we follow roots and fruits which teaches us about 12 Christian Values. We learn about all the different values from lots of different points of view through stories, drama, pictures, poems and much more! We are a very diverse school and we also enjoy discussing how Christian Values are the same as the values in other religions too. It is very interesting!

Prayer is very important to us at St Luke's. We have lots of opportunities to say our own prayers when we feel like it, including spontaneously during worship! All of our classrooms have ever-changing prayer areas and we have a prayer post box near the school office.

Previous years

In Class Worship and Reflection Tasks

Autumn 2:





Week 2:

This week we have dedicated our worship to reflecting about those who have shown Compassion by helping our country. Remembrance Sunday is a very important day and the children have written prayers, prayed spontaneously and talked about those who have sacrificed their lives. Our reflection tasks have involved the children decorating poppies and putting them up around school. 


Week 1:


This week we have thought about Noticing the needs of others. This week we are going to research the charity Compassion UK and think of ways we could fundraise for them during our celebrations over the festive period. Classes will come up with ideas together and submit them to the School Council.

Autumn 1:






This half term, we have been exploring our Christian Value of Generosity. We have had a weekly worship dedicated to this value throughout this half term. The children have written their understanding on their class reflection trees and have had a go at writing their own TSP prayers. 


18th December 2018: KS2 Nativity/Meaning of Christmas Celebrations
17th December: EYFS/KS1 - Nativity/Christmas Celebrations
Upcoming: Monday 10th December 6BC Human Rights Week
Upcoming: 6th December: 2M Hanukkah
26th November: Bishop's Visit to School
Upcoming: Y5RM World Kindness Week

18th October 2018


As a school, we celebrated St. Luke's Day. St. Luke is a very important Saint as our school is named after him.

Each class had a worship dedicated to learning about St. Luke. We invited special visitors to school - Reverend Gordon and Reverend Simon to tell us more! 

Revd Simon used different hats to describe St. Luke and tell us about the important work he did. 


In the afternoon, the children had the opportunity to explore some of the stories St. Luke told. 


Nursery: The Man who Cared
Reception - The Lost Sheep
Year 1 - The Story of the Lost Son
Year 2 - The Man who Remembered
Year 3 - The Angel by the Altar
Year 4 - The Little Man who climbed the tree to see Jesus
Year 5 - Jesus at the Temple
Year 6 - The Glory of Jesus on the Mountain



9th October 2018


Year 6BR led their class worship about Black History. The children shared the importance of treating people fairly just as Jesus did. They shared the message of not judging others and being inclusive. The children also created prayers and poems by themselves and decided the running order of their worship. In addition, they shared important Black Christian role models such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King.


25th September 2018


5S led worship and celebrated the meaning of the Harvest Festival. The children wrote their class worship themselves and shared a very important message of sharing with everybody. 


Then he said to his disciples, "The Harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his harvest."

Matthew 9:37-38


Harvest Samba

Religious Education Curriculum Overviews KS1 & KS2. Click on the link below to find out what is being taught in each year group:

Visits to Places of Worship

Upcoming Visit: Whole School Visit to St. Peter's Church
Upcoming Visit: Year 2M & 2F Visit to the Jewish Museum
Upcoming Visit: Year 4/5B, 5S & 5RM Visit to the Cathedral

Year 3 were lucky enough to visit the local Cathedral in Bury. The children had the chance to explore the Cathedral and were set a challenge of identifying the different places within.


Rimsha said "I loved learning about Baptism and how babies are welcomed into the Christian Faith. I think the babies would cry when they are blessed because the water might be a bit of a shock. They are lucky to be welcomed into God's family."


Lucy was able to answer questions about the Holy Trinity. She identified the meaning of the sign of the cross and shared her understanding with her peers.


Zohaa tried on liturgical garments and modelled them to the children. They were very big for her but it was important for the children to understand the different colours and their meanings. 


Take a look at the photographs below!


Take a peek at some of our displays from around our school in 2017/18

"With Jesus, we learn together through Faith and Love".

Metro Church Worship 27/3/18. We learned about the meaning of sacrifice... involving an unfair quiz and a raw egg! We discussed how sacrifice is a theme within the Easter story.

Class-led Collective Worship

Every year, each class from Years 1-6 will deliver worship. We strongly encourage parents and carers to come and support their children. Letters are sent out to parents around two weeks before the assemblies, inviting you to join us and letting you know the theme.

Below are the provisional dates for Class-led Worship for the rest of the academic year. All assembles start at 9:15am.

Wednesday 27th September: 5D

Wednesday 4th October: 6S

Wednesday 11th October: 5B

Wednesday 18th October: 6P

Wednesday 8th November: 3/4M

Wednesday 22nd November: 3B

Wednesday 6th December: 4H

Wednesday 17th January: 4E

Wednesday 24th January: 2C

Wednesday 7th February: 1S

Wednesday 14th February: 2F

Wednesday 14th March: 1M

Wednesday 20th June: 3P


Please note that these dates are subject to change. They simply act as a guide.

1M's Class Worship was all about celebrating our differences. Well done 1M - you did a great job! 14/3/2018

Everyone at St Luke's is enjoying learning about the most important time in the Christian calendar - Easter! Here is a special reflection table that is in one of our Year 2 classes:

Easter Church Service!


Everyone is welcome to join us for our Easter Service at St Peter's Church on Thursday 29th March at 10am!


Well done to all the children who took part in our Easter artwork competition! It was so hard to choose winners, but here they are! All the winning pictures are being proudly displayed in the school entrance and will also be printed on the order of service at our Easter Church service.

Experience Easter! The children from Austwick school joined our Year 3 & 4 children in our Experience Easter event at St Peter's Church.

The Rhema Theatre Company came to school to perform a show to us called "Easter through the eyes of St Peter". It was fantastic! Some classes were lucky enough to get a workshop too!