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St. Luke's, through its church values and inclusive vision, celebrates diversity and difference, nurtures children's academic, emotional and spiritual growth. Through the teachings of Christ, we promote love, forgiveness, compassion, patience, trust, thankfulness, friendship. Our St. Luke's family, circle of strength, whatever their faith, joined in love, kept by God. We follow the Questful R.E syllabus with the Bury Agreed syllabus. We also use Understanding Christianity to support our staff with their teaching.

Our journey seeks:

  • To present engagingly a comprehensive content which is the basis of knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith;
  • To enable pupils continually to deepen their religious and theological understanding and to be able to communicate this effectively;
  • To present a faithful vision of the Church’s moral and social teachings so that pupils can understand the underlying trends in culture and society;
  • To raise pupils’ awareness of the faith and traditions of other religious communities in order to respect and understand them;
  • To be able to make links between pupils’ own faith and that of the Christian Church;
  • To enable pupils’ awareness of the Christian faith so that they can apply the teachings to their daily life;
  • To stimulate pupils’ imagination and provoke a personal meaning towards the Christian faith;
  • To enable pupils to relate the knowledge gained in Religious Education to their understanding of other subjects in the curriculum;
  • To bring clarity to the relationship between faith and life, and between faith and culture.

Our affiliated church is St. Peter's , Roch Valley, Bury.


More details about St. Peter's can be found here.

As a school we were graded GOOD in our November 2018 SIAMS inspection

Our RE LTP - as a school we look for key times in the year especially Christmas and Easter where the children study at the same time. However these progress as the children get older. In additon, our other faiths units are taught alongside Questful RE units however, in Spring we come together as a school to study other key religions.

This term Year 6 have been looking at

"Life as a Journey and Pilgrimage"


This term Year 5 have been looking at

"How and why do Christians read the Bible?"

Year 3 have been looking at why the Prophet Abraham was God

Year 2 have been talking about the similarities and differences between the Bible and the Qur'an.

 Year 1 did some fabulous work based on the Jewish festival Sukkot

Reception have been writing Thank you Prayers