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Teacher: Mrs Martindale       TA/SSA: Mrs Holt       HLTA (across Year 2): Miss Thommason


On this site you will have the opportunity to come and be a part of the wonderful 2M!

You will find information, topic work, fabulous work, homework and links to websites that will help your child's learning.


Take a look and ENJOY!

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What will we be learning about?



Autumn 1 - Land Ahoy!

Autumn 2 - Towers, Turrets and Tunnels

Spring 1 - Wriggle and Crawl

Spring 2 - Muck, Mess and Mixtures

Summer 1 - The scented garden

Summer 2 - Beach combers


LITERACY - We will be focusing on lots of important features within our writing such as spelling, handwriting and punctuation. We will be using different books and experiences to influence our writing of stories, descriptions, recounts, letters, comparisons and much more. PHONICS will be continued in Year 2 with a focus on grammar. Handwriting will be being taught daily and spellings will be tested each week.


NUMERACY - This year we will be learning all about place value (tens and ones), addition, subtraction in different forms, money, time (reading a clock to the nearest 5 minutes, data handling, weight and length. There will be a big emphasis on children being able to use mathematical language and understanding and using their reasoning skills.

Have a look at some of our focused texts this year ...


The Tunnel by Anthony Browne The tunnel was dark, and damp, and slimy, and scary.

Bookaboo S01E03 The Night Pirates Michael Rosen

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On Thursday 22nd November we will be visiting the Jewish Museum, Manchester. We will be leaving first thing in the morning and we will be there for the morning. Please return your slip and money to the office and ensure that your child has appropriate footwear and a jacket.

What have 2M been up to?

Ising Pop concert at St Peter's Church.

Ising Pop concert at St Peter's Church. 1
Ising Pop concert at St Peter's Church. 2
Ising Pop concert at St Peter's Church. 3
Ising Pop concert at St Peter's Church. 4

FANTASTIC WORK! indecision








In St Luke's we believe it is very important to be in school every day. This way you will not miss out on any learning as we build up to our Year 2 SATs. In 2M we really strive to win the weekly attendance draw during celebration worship. We also have a treat in class every Friday when Mrs Martindale chooses 5 names at random from those who have been in every day and they win a prize from the prize box.



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Here are some dates to remember about Year 2 ...


READING BOOKS - changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday or when your child has quizzed. PLEASE ensure your child has read at home and that the reading record book has been signed no If your child is finding the story easy, please ask them lots of comprehension questions to ensure they also understand the book they are reading. Questions can include:  


  • Who are the characters?
  • What role does ______ have in the story?
  • Where is the story set?
  • What happens at the beginning?
  • What happens in the middle?
  • What happens at the end of the story?
  • Can you tell me your favourite part of the story?
  • Did you like or dislike the story?
  • Can you find my a word beginning with _____?
  • Can you find a word with the ____ sound?


PE - PE will take place at least once a week. PLEASE ensure your child has the full PE kit (WHITE T-SHIRT, BLACK SHORTS, BLACK PUMPS) in every week for the whole half term, we will send them home at the end of each half term to be washed. no


HOMEWORK - Homework will be issued once every half term. This will consist of a grid that contains lots of different activities helping to reinforce the learning taking place that half term. The ring bound sketch books are sturdy enough to fill with all your childrens wonderful work and this can then be handed back to Mrs Martindale during the last week before the half term holidays. House points and prizes can be won and certificates will go out to those who have really tried hard and put in lots of effort no


SPELLINGS - Spellings will be handed out every Monday to be practised throughout the week at home in preparation for a spelling test on Friday. no



There are lots of different websites that we use in school to support your child's learning. These websites can be accessed at home. Their username and passwords are stuck in the front cover of their homework books. Please try and access the websites with your child as much as you can. It would be very beneficial if your child completed the activities on their own or with the correct support.


Reading Eggs


Phonics Play


Please see the links below to access the different websites that will be useful to your child.