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Welcome to Year 6P!

We have an exciting and challenging year ahead with trips, assessments and class assemblies.


This year the Teachers working with your child are:

Mrs Parker

Mrs Sharp

Mrs Raza

Mr Thomas

Mrs Carroll (soon to be on maternity leave).


Please bring your PE kit on Thursdays. smiley

Spellings and times tables are given on a Monday and are tested on a Friday. If you are away please ensure you catch up with these before the

Daily reading books and record are sent home to be signed by adults four times a week and children will need to QUIZ in school before changing their book for home. Reading eggs should be encouraged online using either ipads/ tablets, laptop or mobile phone.smiley


Homework in Year 6 will increase as the year progressessurprise

LITERACY - covering "Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" writing as a narrative, writer's voice, descriptive language, use of punctuation and correct grammar.


Numeracy - 4 rules of number, times tables as SPEED test - it is assumed year 6 pupils know all their tables. Areas to work on: long division, problem solving. multi step problems and reasoning.


Topic with Geography and History combined; Darwin and Evolution.

Michelle Magorian - Goodnight Mister Tom

This touching story of an evacuee boy and his relationship with a grumpy old man has become a classic.

GrammarsaurusDoesSATs - Subjunctive Form

Hi guys! Here's an explanation of the subjunctive form! It's really easy if I'm honest, check it out!! :)

Grammarsaurus does SATS - Active and passive voice

Welcome to a new series focusing on the new sample SPaG tests provided by the Govt. In this series, I will help you tackle the new terminology and requirements of the new SPaG curriculum. Stay tuned for tips, tricks and quality explanations! Find me on Facebook, YouTube and WordPress. Thanks!