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Able maths day at Hollins Grundy

Able maths day at Hollins Grundy 1 We are resilient workers.
Able maths day at Hollins Grundy 2 We investigate a variety of outcomes.
Able maths day at Hollins Grundy 3
Able maths day at Hollins Grundy 4 Super star.
Able maths day at Hollins Grundy 5 Amazing mathematician.
Able maths day at Hollins Grundy 6

Welcome to Year 6S!

We have an exciting and challenging year ahead with trips, assessments and class assemblies.


This year the Teachers working with your child are:

Mrs Parker

Mrs Sharp

Mrs Raza

Miss Warburton



Please bring your PE kit Wednesdays. smiley

Spellings and times tables are given on a Monday and are tested on a Friday. If you are away please ensure you catch up with these before the

Daily reading books and record are sent home to be signed by adults four times a week and children will need to QUIZ in school before changing their book for home. Reading eggs should be encouraged online using either ipads/ tablets, laptop or mobile phone.smiley


Homework in Year 6 will increase as the year progressessurprise

LITERACY - covering "Listen To The Moon" writing as a narrative, writer's voice, descriptive language, use of punctuation and correct grammar.


Numeracy - 4 rules of number, fractions decimals and percentages, times tables as SPEED test - it is assumed year 6 pupils know all their tables. Areas to work on: Four Rules of number, problem solving. multi step problems and reasoning. Mathletics homework assigned.


Topic with Geography and History combined; World War One

Homework Grid to be completed by the 18th December.

Michelle Magorian - Goodnight Mister Tom

This touching story of an evacuee boy and his relationship with a grumpy old man has become a classic.

GrammarsaurusDoesSATs - Subjunctive Form

Hi guys! Here's an explanation of the subjunctive form! It's really easy if I'm honest, check it out!! :)

Grammarsaurus does SATS - Active and passive voice

Welcome to a new series focusing on the new sample SPaG tests provided by the Govt. In this series, I will help you tackle the new terminology and requirements of the new SPaG curriculum. Stay tuned for tips, tricks and quality explanations! Find me on Facebook, YouTube and WordPress. Thanks!